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Welcome to Art Class! Students will learn various techniques of creating artwork, as well as experimenting with different materials. Art history will be covered with each new project, and students are encouraged to be expressive and creative. Art class is a great opportunity for students to not only learn about art of the past and present, but a way for them to discover new ways to problem-solve, collaborate, and most of all have fun!

Because art is subjective, as an art educator, I emphasize more of the process rather than the product. Effort and participation is a big portion of a student’s grade. The other part, is how well the student implemented the technique learned in class. I try to make Art Class interesting for students by covering different areas such as drawing, painting, computer art, sculpture, collage, and art competitions. Students have also participated in a school-wide Art Show, where all students and parents may view artwork from the entire school.

I look forward to a wonderful year of Art with your child!
-Mrs. Mehta

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