Congratulations to the Class of 2019 – Our 8th Grade Graduates

A special congratulations to our very special class of 33 graduates who received their diplomas at the end of the 10am mass on Saturday June 15.  


An Ode to the 8th Grade Class

Our Blessed Mother Mary, once sang, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my savior.”   The words of this great saint provide the ultimate thesis for the extraordinary young men and women you see before us, graduating from the 8th grade.  Every single one of them, a  beautiful gift of God’s creation, their passions and talents, form … a greatness and spirit that have inspired us each day.  

A very special group, the core began in Nursery with additions along the way.  They journeyed together and battled the challenges of forming discipline, facing the rigors of countless homework assignments and projects, taking one too many Terranova and New York State Exams to count, but in the end, per-severing through it all.  

Their 8th grade year was the ultimate celebration of their great achievements.  They continued the cherished traditions of our school, from Spirit Day, to playing popcorn-smelling, pajama Bingo, to one last stop at the games of the Bazaar, their excitement was evident from afar.  And as the past two weeks brought their dance, class trip, and final day of school, they sit reflecting, feeling both happy and sad.

They couldn’t do it alone.  They had help. With the work and collaboration of a dedicated staff, they were guided a long the path.  Classroom routines were formed, academic skills were grasped, and our graduates sit here today thankful and grateful, for everything you have brought.  Teachers and staff, we thank you.

After 3pm in the afternoon, teaching and learning doesn’t end.  Knowing them your rules, they may also have tried to bend. But the most important teachers in their lives are sitting out behind them.  Each family member. Relative. And parent … we thank you.

And to one leader more than all the rest, someone to guide them with strength to be their best, her efforts always full of love to help them rise far above,  to their former principal, Sister Kathleen, we thank you.

And lastly, we turn to you, O 8th grade crew.  Filling our days with more joy than you ever knew.    With your intelligence, wit, personality and charm, success will find you, without harm.    With vibrant smiles and laughs out loud, You have simply made us … so proud. Please remember us,  in everything you do. Class of 2019, our figurative hats, go off to you.

TUITION INFORMATION and PLANS for the 2019-2020 School Year

It is our goal each year to keep tuition rates constant or to increase rates as minimally as possible.  However, due to rising expenses, we do need to implement a increase of tuition for the upcoming school year.

If you compare the tuition at St. Adalbert Catholic Academy with those of our neighboring private schools, you will find that our rates are low (and often the lowest).  We are also able to offer the advantages of small class size ratios for most grades that are also the lowest in the area. This is an amazing opportunity and we will continue to work towards the improvement of instruction across all grade levels.  


Other Plans for the Upcoming School Year

*Addition of the Junior Great Books/Great Books curriculum for Grades K-8, a wonderful research based program designed to improve critical thinking skills, speaking and discussion opportunities, and text-based reading and writing


*Developed Writing Portfolios across the grade levels   


*GoMath used uniformly across Grades K-8  


*Brand new Social Studies Textbooks in Grades 7-8 (Other grades will follow)


*Implementation of iPads and Chromebooks for each classroom through the DeSales Media Grant and Family Participation in the Program (See website post) or


*Multiple Field Trips for each grade


*Formation of a Home / Academy Association (the Diocese’s version of a PTA)


We will continue to work towards improvement in all areas so you can be satisfied with your experience at St. Adalbert.  Thank you for your understanding and support.




Mr. Morris

DeSales Technology Grant – Families Please Participate !!!

At our recent Strategic Planning Meeting, many parents expressed the concern over the lack of technology at our Academy.  The Diocese is presenting the following opportunity to help us improve in this area.


The DeSales Technology Grant — Provides iPads and Chromebooks for classrooms

The grant includes:

an iPad or Chromebook (Middle School) device,  a protective case,  a device management system to control the devices, content filtering, and a monthly Sprint cellular data plan for the device.


Families must sign up for a subscription to the Tablet for $22 for the 1st year  (Additional information upcoming for the 2nd year, which will be the end of the requirement).  


Or you can sign-up on the link below.  Please make sure to select St. Adalbert


You could also send cash to the school in an envelope and we will securely send the money to the Tablet for you.  


Thank you for your consideration and we hope you will take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

2019 Yearbooks on Sale – $20

We now have yearbooks on sale in the office.  If you are interested on purchasing one, please put the money in an envelope and write “Yearbook” with the student’s name.  The Yearbook will be brought to the student later in the day.  

Bingo Night – Saturday June 8   6:30pm in Cafeteria

Bingo Night – Saturday June 8   Starting at 6:30pm in the lower cafeteria. Parents, students, and friends are all welcome to this fun evening!

˗       The entry cost is $10, which includes a pad of bingo games and a chance for a door prize.

˗       Additional bingo game pads can be purchased for $10 each.

˗       There will be 3 specialty games for larger prizes; these pads will be sold for $5 each.

*** Due to limited space, only children who will be playing Bingo should attend


˗       The Bazaar Raffle will be drawn at the end of the night 

*There will be popcorn, nachos, soda and other snacks for sale.  

Bazaar Raffle – will be drawn at the end of the night

o   1st Prize Apple Watch Series 3 —  38mm in Space Gray

o   2nd Prize: Apple AirPods

o   3rd Prize: 2 Tickets Yankees vs. Astros @ Yankee Stadium on Old Timers’ Day Sunday 6/23 at 2:05pm

o   4th Prize: $100 cash

Strategic Planning Meeting Recap and Next Steps

This is a recap of the Strategic Planning meeting from last night.  A special thank you to the 48 people who attended.

Brother Ralph presented an overview of the process which is a series of steps over three years to obtain accreditation.  The process involves the formation of a 12-member committee that include the principal, board chair, and two members leading committees in the following 5 domains:


*Catholic Identity


*Governance & Leadership

*Marketing & Enrollment

The Strategic Planning Committee will meet with representatives from the Diocese on select Saturdays throughout the 2019-2020 school year.  This committee will be formed through the use of local task force meetings for each of the 5 domains.

Brother Ralph then facilitated an activity in which participants at each table made a list of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of our academy.  The lists were collected and will be submitted to the diocese. Many answers were very honest and we appreciated the input and concerns to help direct improvement and initiative for the future.  

The meeting concluded as participants were invited to sign up for a task force (similar to a sub committee) for 4 of the 5 domains listed above (the Finance domain is for board members).  Each task force will meet to focus on developing the aspects of its domain. If you were not at the meeting and are interested in participating in a task force meeting, which is the next part of the planning process, please email Mr. Morris at with your interest and domain preference.  

STRATEGIC PLANNING for the ACADEMY — Wednesday June 5 at 7 PM

St. Adalbert Catholic Academy cordially invites parents, parishioners and alumni to a meeting on Wednesday June 5 at 7 PM in the cafeteria to continue the growth and advancement of the academy and the young people we serve.

The Office of the Superintendent of the Diocese of Brooklyn has invited us to undertake strategic planning for the future.  Strategic planning is a necessary stepping stone for furthering re-accreditation of the academy and turning dreams into reality for the students entrusted to our care.  This planning, to be done correctly, involves the participation of teachers and staff, parents, friends, alumni, parishioners, benefactors and the community-at-large.  If you are interested in participating please consider coming to the meeting to learn more about your possible involvement in the strategic planning process and sharing your ideas, hopes and dreams for the continued advancement of our beloved St. Adalbert Catholic Academy.  For more information please feel free to contact Mr. Morris at the academy.  

If you are planning on attending this meeting please click on the link below and enter your name.  Thanks much.  

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Dress Down Day Reminders- Warmer Weather

We will continue with our Dress Down Days on Friday May 31, and for the last 5 days of school (dates varying based on the grade).  If you wish to participate, Dress Down Days are $2 for a student, for each day.  A raffle book was sent home as the equivalent of the last 5 days of school for one student. 

As the weather is getting warmer, students are allowed to wear shorts, but the length must be appropriate (to the knee or just above the knee).  Also, students must have sleeves on their shirts.  No sandals or flip flops are allowed. 

You will find the original description of appropriate attire below.   I understand that students like to express themselves in their faith, but please remember that we are a Catholic school which follows the practice and virtue of modesty.  

SHIRTS/TOPS – Must have sleeves and no writing or symbols that are inappropriate for school.  No tight fitting tops are allowed. 

PANTS – Jeans, athletic, or other dress/casual.  No large holes or rips allowed. No tight fitting jeans or other pants (such as yoga or leggings) are  allowed. 

SHOES – Shoes must have a back strap or closed heel.  Crocs, sandals, slippers, and high heels are not allowed.  


If students come wearing something inappropriate, they will be sent to the office and a call home will be made for someone to bring appropriate attire.  

After reading the above, if you have any questions on whether something is appropriate or not, please feel free to ask Mr. Morris. We appreciate your understanding and participation.  

Thursday May 9 – Grade 4-8 Music, Recorder and Band Concert 7pm

Music and Band students should arrive at 6:30pm.  Band students should bring their instruments down to the cafeteria to assemble and warm up.  Recorder students should arrive at 7:30.  

The Music Concert will be first amd will end approximately around 8pm.  At that time, there will be a short intermission for Recorder and Band Concert set-up and at that time, Parents of Music Concert-only students can leave if they wish.  

Concert Dress:
• Any color button down shirt or polo
• No pictures or writing on the front or back of the shirt; and NO T-shirts.
• Black, dark blue/gray pants, or khaki pants (NO JEANS) with corresponding shoes
(school shoes are okay).
• Any color Spring blouse with black/dark bottoms or dress with corresponding shoes.
• No pictures or writing on the front or back of the shirt; and NO T-shirts.
*Remember when you look nice, you feel nice, and when you feel nice you sound nice!

Assigned rooms for music students …. 4th Grade: 6-1 classroom, 5th Grade: 7-1
classroom, 6th Grade: 6-2 classroom, 7th Grade: 7-2 classroom. 8th Grade 8-2

Monday May 6 — May Crowning of Our Blessed Mother 7pm

May Crowning is an annual celebration to honor the Blessed Mother that takes place the 1st Monday in May.  Students in Grades K-8 are to assemble in the gym. The gym doors will open at 6:30pm. The students will help process the statue of our Blessed Mother around the block, ending in the upper church

Attire: school uniform OR dress clothes (NO sneakers NO jeans) Grade 2 students wear the clothing they wore for their 1st Communion