End of the Year information – tentative

Guidelines are ever-changing  but here is tentative list of dates as we close out our year

June 10 – Last day of Remote Learning – 8th Grade

June 12 – 8th Grade Virtual Graduation – 6pm (Zoom Link will be provided.  Information on picking up Cap and Gowns to follow)

June 15 – Kindergarten Graduation (Information on picking up Cap and Gowns to follow)

June 18 – Last day of Remote Learning – Nursery to Grade 7

June 18/19 Scheduled times by class to pick up student supplies in School Yard and to turn in checked-out devices

June 19 – Final Report Cards will be generated and sent to the Parent Portal through OptionC at 4:30pm.   


SONYC Update

Good evening Parents and Guardians, 

We hope this email finds you and your family safe and well. 

The Greater Ridgewood Youth Council, Inc would like to introduce you to its new SONYC remote after school program.  This program will provide a variety of recreational and educational activities that your child can participate in when they have completed their school work.  They will also have the opportunity to connect with GRYC Instructors and Group Leaders that are familiar to them from afterschool.

Activities will include:

Drama Club: Participants are getting ready for Hairspray, JR. Broadway show in which our school was selected to take part in for the 3rd consecutive year under the guidance of Ms. Gleason. I am not sure if we will perform on Broadway this year because of the current situation, however, they will still work on trying to put it all together remotely if need be.

Stock Market: Participants learn about stocks and trade and investments and create their portfolio. We have just ended the Year long session game that began in September and I am proud to say that some of our participants Ranked in the Top 2 teams under Mr. Giulietti’s guidance. We were in first and second place.

How we ranked in NY:

1st place out of 721 Middle schools in NYC

1st place out of all 1,370  schools in NYC

4th place out of all 3,056 schools in NY state

Robotics: Mr. Giulietti will try a new challenge with VEX robots online with the participants. Participants in our program had previously entered Robot lego competitions and have received awards for Best Program Design and Robot programming.

Music (Glee): Participants will participate in music history and group interactive activities. Mr. Beckett will also work together with Drama and work on the Music portion of the show with the participants.

Fitness: Mr. Montalvo introduces participants to acceptable behaviors and consequences in sports as well as sets up a fitness routine.

Game Room: Participants participate in some recreational and educational interactive activities; We will also be having Family Game night once a week where the parents, siblings, and other family members in the household can come together for a fun night of Kahoot, Family feud, Bingo, etc. and join their friends online. You may even have a shot at winning a surprise gift.

We may add new activities as we go along such as Chess and Forensics.  New activity announcements and codes will be posted on the main page.


How it works:

Students log in to their google classroom where we will post activities for our participants.

There will be a Main SONYC page where we have all participants and will make all general announcements.

Each activity will have its own smaller classroom. Your child does not have to participate in all activities and may choose what they are interested in.

They are not tied down to any activity with the exception of Drama or anything that actually involves them working on a project that involves them working together with others.  While, I prefer your child to remain consistent and be an active participant in the activity, I understand there may be days in which they may not be interested. To make sure the activity runs smoothly, we do ask that they stay for the complete activity.

In google classroom (GC) for the activity, there will be instructions on what to do.  Some may involve being on Google Meet where your child is live with the instructor and group leaders.  Attached there are also participant guidelines for GC and Google Meet in which the instructor will review with participants.

Attached you will also see the classroom codes for each activity so that your child may join.

A schedule (attached) has been created with the activities being offered as of now. It may be subject to change as we develop more activities into the program.


If you have any questions or trouble logging in you can contact us at cdiaz@thegryc.org. Please be sure to include a phone number where we can reach you.


We look forward to working with you and your family.

All the best,

Ms. Cynthia Diaz


Remote Learning Schedule-St. Adalbert

Google Classroom Codes



Announcement from Diocese regarding governor’s decision to close school for rest of school year

Statement by Superintendent of Brooklyn and Queens Catholic Schools Regarding Remainder of 2019-2020 School Year


            Dr. Thomas Chadzutko, Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Brooklyn, which includes all elementary Catholic academies and schools in Brooklyn and Queens, has issued the following statement following Governor Cuomo’s school closure announcement:


“We just learned of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s decision that all elementary and secondary schools shall remain closed for the duration of the current 2019-2020 school year, as New York continues efforts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. As such, the Catholic academies and parish schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn, which includes Queens, will remain closed through the end of June. The distance and digital learning platforms in place will serve as the instructional program for our schools for the remainder of this academic year.


I am very proud of our schools and academies, who were successfully able to transition to a distance and digital learning platform almost immediately upon our school buildings being shut down. This would not have been possible without the hard work of our teachers and the leadership of our dedicated principals, who rose to this enormous challenge. Our Catholic schools and academies have continued to provide each of our students with a faith-based academic program, ensuring that they are being challenged to learn every day. Our parents have also contributed immeasurably to the success of this new digital learning environment.


We will be working with our principals and teachers to ensure that our milestone celebrations (graduations, step-up ceremonies, and other achievements) will be honored and recognized. As we have done so far during this pandemic, we will continue to assemble and share resources for our families as we confront this challenging end to the school year.


The Coronavirus statistics indicate that both Brooklyn and Queens have been the hardest-hit areas in New York City and State. As a Catholic school community in the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to pray for everyone’s health and safety. Our faith, love, and hope remain central to all we do now and in the future.”


April 23 – Happy Feast Day to our Patron Saint

Even though this great saint lived over a 1000 years ago, beginning his work in Czechoslovakia, his example provides many lessons for us to follow today.  First, he changed his name from Vojtech to Adalbert after his Baptism, taking on the name of the most significant catechist in his life.  What a special tribute to the work of catechists whose work often goes unrecognized and “unthanked” in the development of faith.  

Next, St. Adalbert strove to bring the teachings and virtues of the church out to the modern world.  Unfortunately, his efforts were met with a lack of understanding and acceptance by the people.  Horror struck, as Adalbert’s family was massacred by order of Prince Boleslav II, the same man whom Adalbert supported.  Thankfully, one man (the duke of Poland) did recognize the great work of Adalbert and appointed him to evangelize those in Poland.  Following in the footsteps of so many courageous warriors of the faith, Adalbert was martyred.

As we think of St. Adalbert on his feast day, we thank him for his example of strength, courage, perseverance, and great faith.  Modern society has evolved drastically since his time, but the major problems remain the same.  We are grateful for him as a leader and for his work as both disciple and apostle.  

St. Adalbert … pray for us!

Online/Remote Learning Resumes – April 20

We will continue with the framework established before break – Regular Online/Remote Learning instruction Monday through Thursday and Enrichment/Teacher PD Activities on Fridays.  

Just to review, these are most up to date schedules:


Teachers in grades Nursery through grade 4 will continue with their current systems and schedules that have been communicated with parents and students.  


5th Grade  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d3-OeXlaGb6baQxNDE9bnlFcTPZoWmBs9IipgAYncCs/edit?usp=sharing

6th Grade    https://docs.google.com/document/d/18pZLY_gpD7tZrTPD9S4pBlsF8MAUvW3y1t-xViACmcc/edit?usp=sharing

7th & 8th Grade https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Um9gtiVfc493EjyyHimGVX6bjbusJeNnaHXNR4Pf6gc/edit?usp=sharing

Explanation of the Framework for Grades 5 -8

*Assignments will be posted before each Subject period.  The students will have the whole period to complete the work.  Extra time has been added to each subject period in order for students to complete and submit the work.

*If students need more time than the scheduled block, they have until 4pm each day

*There will be NO HOMEWORK assigned.  Every assignment should be completed in the subject block.  If the student needs more time, they have from 2:30 – 4:00pm each day to complete the work.  

*If you need more time to complete assignments that day, send an email to the corresponding teacher, requesting more time.  If you do not send a request, assignments will be assessed under the following system:

One day lateDeduction of points (based off the assignment point value)

Two or more days late  — Zero points

We feel this recommended schedule is extremely fair.  Students that follow their schedule will complete all their work on time and not have to work about missing assignments.  And as described above, if a student needs more time or if there is a family issue, communicate with the teacher(s).  We are here to help.