Spreading Kindness

Spreading Kindness

Students in 5-2 know that it doesn’t take much to turn someones day around. A compliment, a smile or a small gesture can brighten up someones day. We worked on spreading kindness and positivity by complimenting one another and writing about things that make each and every single student special. 

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day Decor

Thank you Aaliyah for creating this beautiful Cupid for our classroom door. It is no wonder why you received an honorable mention from “Knights of Columbus” and “The Tablet” for your artistic skills. 

Catholic Schools Week Highlights

We had a blast during Catholic Schools Week! View the gallery below for highlights throughout the week.

Catholic Schools Week Opening Mass – Olympics Opening Ceremonies representing all countries in St. Adalbert Catholic Academy:
Multicultural Show:
School Dance:


The NED Show (A presentation encouraging students to do their best in school):

Bingo/Pajama Day:

Open House

All are welcome to visit St. Adalbert Catholic Academy on the following dates:

Wednesday, February 28th

Tuesday, March 6th