Happy Easter from all of us at St. Adalbert Catholic Academy !!!

He is risen.  He is truly risen, Alleluia !!!

After 46 challenging days of Lent, we welcome the holiest day of the year, and the ultimate source of Faith, Hope, and Love … Jesus’ selfless act of giving Himself for us so we have the chance for eternal life.  May we always remember His example by …

  1.  Putting God first
  2. Putting Others next
  3. Thinking of yourself last

St. Thomas Aquinas taught that if you were ever undecided how to act in a certain situation, to think of Christ’s example from the cross.  Among many things,  He especially teaches us …

  1. Obedience
  2. Humilty
  3. Poverty
  4. Patience
  5. Love (self-sacrifice)

May the joy from this season be abound in your hearts and share this witness with those around you.