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About Me:

Diane Cunniff has been a teacher at St. Adalbert since 1996. She started as a fourth grade teacher, and then taught fifth before switching to sixth in 2015. She now teaches middle school math (6-8) as well as science and religion for grade 6.
She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from St. John’s University. She is the mother of two children, ages 16 and 14.


Math: Go! Math

Overview—– Topics Covered thus far: Operations with Whole Numbers, Decimals, and Fractions; Ratios and Proportional Relationships; Percents; Coordinate Graphing – Topic Beginning: Expressions and Equations (Numerical, Algebraic)


Science: Glencoe Integrated Science

Overview—– Topics Covered thus far: Earth in Space; Interactions of Earth Systems; Plate Tectonics; Matter and its Changes; Cells
– Current Topics: Ecosystems and Interactions Within Them

Highlights of the Year:

In science, the students pieced together Pangaea and created dichotomous keys. In math, they work toward solving critical thinking questions, they created pictures by plotting points in a coordinate grid, and will be creating a quilt using fractions, decimals, and percents.  In religion, the students reflect on God’s plan for us, study the weekly Gospels, and learn how Catholic Social Teaching is tied to the social justice issues of the day. Upcoming events: Get ready for Catholic Schools Week, Ash Wednesday on 2/17,  and “Pi” Day on 3/14! 

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