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Welcome to Mrs. Cunniff’s 4th Grade Math and Science class! Mrs. Cunniff has been teaching at St. Adalbert’s since 1996. She started as the fourth grade teacher, then taught fifth and then sixth.  Now, she is back in fourth again!

This year in Math, fourth grade will cover: Adding and Subtracting multi-digit numbers, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, and Geometry.

This year in Science, fourth grade will cover: Energy (including within Ecosystems), Waves, Information Processing, and Earth’s Systems.

We are about six weeks into the school year and the children are adjusting very well.  They have received their iPads and are having a wonderful time using them and integrating technology into their everyday school life.  We have done a WebQuest in science, and played many math games online.  Children learn best when they are having fun!

In the coming weeks, we are looking forward to Spirit Day, being saints for a day,  and our first Halloween parade! 

We will be starting the season of Advent soon; it’s unbelievable that the holiday season is almost upon us.

Check out some photos of us in action!



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