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Meet the Teacher:

This is Ms. Gleason’s 7th year teaching at Saint Adalberts and her third teaching 4th grade ELA and Social Studies. She obtained her degree in teaching in 2012 from St. Joseph’s College and returned to the college to graduate with her Masters in Special Education in 2015. Ms. Gleason, in her spare time, works in the after school program at the school teaching Drama to budding thespians. Ms. Gleason loves to read, perform in community theater, and help out at her parish church.


Welcome to 4th grade ELA and Social Studies!


What are we learning this month?


**Please note**: ELA tests are given every Monday on concepts reviewed during the week. Students will have a review worksheet that helps them prepare for the test.

We are continuing our Junior Great Books unit on Trust. We are reading Crow Call by Lois Lowery. 


We are completing our Snowman Trap Stories and compiling them into a book.

We are writing poems about our dreams and creating an anthology.

We are continuing to learn how to write and defend our thoughts using evidence from the text.

Social Studies:

**Please Note**: All assessments for Social Studies are given on Fridays.

We are continuing Unit 2: New York Long Ago We are focusing on the Essential Question: “Why is it important for us to study people of long ago?” 

The Focus of the Unit is:

Chapter 3: The First New Yorkers. Focus is given on the Iroquois and the Alognquian tribes in New York State. We will be creating a multi-media project to culminate our unit starting in December.

Chapter 4: Europeans Come to New York. We are discussing the explorers that have come to North America in search for a path to Asia and along the way colonized and formed communities in New Netherland and then New York.

Chapter 5: Life in Colonial New York

Religion (4-2 only):

**Please Note** Tests are given on Thursdays. All Unit Tests are Open Book Tests. 

Lent begins on Wednesday February 26th!

Grade 4The Faith for a Fourth Grader

This year, fourth graders typically grow in self-esteem, social interaction, and interest in the wider world. As “joiners” in games and groups, they bring a realistic perspective to the human need for rules and standards. At their own level, they are ready to appreciate the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the teachings of Jesus. With the support of interested adults, they are ready to reach out to others in service and responsibility.

We are continuing Unit 2: The Commandments Help us to Love God.

Chapter 8: Learning About God’s Law
Chapter 9: The First Commandment
Chapter 10: The Second Commandment
Chapter 11: The Third Commandment
Chapter 12: Strengthened By the Eucharist



Music Grades 4 and 5

We are beginning to learn how notes sound and how to recognize and name notes on a staff. We are getting ready for our Music Show in the Spring and focusing on songs that have been heard on the Great White Way!

SOYNC Drama Club (gr 6-8)

We have been learning how to be effective members of an ensamble. We will be working toward an enamble role in DYCD’s On Broadway Series featuring Hairspray!

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