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Meet the Teacher:

This is Ms. Gleason’s 8th year teaching at Saint Adalberts and, of those eight years, has spent four teaching 4th grade ELA and Social Studies, and three teaching 3rd Grade. She obtained her degree in teaching in 2012 from St. Joseph’s College and returned to the college to graduate with her Masters in Special Education in 2015. Ms. Gleason, in her spare time, works in the after school program at the school teaching Drama to budding thespians. Ms. Gleason loves to read, perform in community theater, and help out at her parish church.

4th Grade: Building upon skills learned in the 3rd grade, 4th graders start to soar independently in writing and reading. They tackle longer and more complex texts in ELA and learn about the state they live in. In religion, students are exposed to deeper content of the Catholic Faith and experience different types of prayers and experiences with Jesus.


3rd Grade: Building upon what they have learned in 2nd Grade, 3rd Graders start to widen their vocabulary use in writing and begin to use phonics skills on multisyllabic words in reading. This leads them to beginning to read and write more complext texts. In Social Studies, they are learning about different communities around the world, discussing their similarities and differences with the United States.

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