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Ms. Temkey graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education in 2015. In 2018, she graduated  with a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.  Ms. Temkey is an alumni of Saint Adalbert and returned four years ago to start her teaching career as a fifth grade teacher. Ms. Temkey has worked in numerous after school programs with children of  various ages and enjoyed spending time with all the students she worked with. She has a passion for teaching and helping children succeed.


Math: Go Math

Fifth Grade Topics: Place Value, Expressions,  Dividing Whole Numbers, Add and Subtract Decimals, Multiply and Divide Decimals,  Add/ Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators, Multiply and Divide Fractions, Patterns and Graphing , Convert Units of Measure

ELA: Reading Street, Junior Great Books

Fifth Grade Topics: Various short stories throughout the Reading Street series, Short stories from Junior Great Books/ Theme based stories. Students will also read a few novels together: Hatchet, Esperanza Rising, & Wonder.

Science: New York Science

Fifth Grade Topics: The Nature of Science, Earth Science, Minerals, Rocks & Soil, Food and Nutrition, Ecosystems , Earth’s Resources, Science, Engineering & Technology

Social Studies: New York Social Studies

Fifth Grade Topics:Geography of the U.S & Canade, United States & Canada: Past & Present, Physical Geography of Latin America, History and Culture of Latin America

Religion: We Believe We Meet Jesus in the Sacraments

Fifth Grade Topics: The Seven Sacraments, The Liturgical Year, Ordinary Time, Easter


Science News!

In class this month students learned about the process of photosynthesis. The students were asked to draw a picture of the process. Below is a few student work samples. Overall, the whole class did a great job!


Social Studies News!

In class this month, students learned about the Amazon. They researched the Amazon River, Amazon Rain forest, and the Plants & Animals in the Amazon. They created a brochure in class of the information they would like to share with their peers.  After they were done the students presented their work to their classmates. Below are some examples of the students work.












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