Nursery Program


  • The goal of the nursery program is to give children positive attitudes towards school and themselves. An atmosphere of love and Christian values are incorporated into a fun learning experience.
  • Social skills are developed through play, interaction with other children, games, story-telling as well as show-and-tell. Pretend is encouraged with activities and songs.
  • Responsibility for themselves is taught through doing simple jobs, caring for toys, and cleaning up after themselves. This helps build your child’s self-esteem.
  • Physical motor skills are practiced through puzzles, playdough, sewing, hopping, skipping, and various games.
  • Self-discipline is practiced by following directions, sitting quietly during stories, and listening to others.
  • Children work on developing art by learning colors and shapes through the use of various materials. Music development is taught through videos, tapes, finger songs, nursery rhymes and games.
  • Number development is practiced by counting orally and puzzles for recognition. Writing of the basic digits from 0-9 is practiced.
  • Religion is taught each day. Children are taught about Catholic holidays, Bible stories, and basic Christian living. Prayers, songs, and visits to the church make their faith come alive.

We Do More Than Just Play!

  • Language is developed by practicing speech, developing vocabulary, reciting nursery rhymes, recognizing child’s own name, and recognizing the alphabet. Printing of the child’s name is introduced. Literature is read and stories are acted using props.
  • Themes for each week develop science, social studies and life skills. Some themes include colors, pets, farm animals, plants, weather, seasons, safety, and community helpers. Each week your child will do a project on the specific theme for the week.
  • Technology is incorporated within the curriculum. SmartBoard, computer, and Discovery Education Programs are used daily in the classroom by students and teacher.
  • Each child who enters the nursery school program must be toilet-trained. The changing of soiled clothes is a responsibility of the parent. Information regarding procedures and options will be outlined in a letter at the beginning of school in September.
  • The nursery program maintains an on-going communication between child, parent and teacher. The teacher supplies a progress report twice a year. The teacher is always willing to meet with parents about concerns they may have. We believe that every child should have a positive learning experience that will stay with them into the future.
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